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American Checkout is your private American shopper that will shop for you, and will ship for you.


We are proud to bring you a unique Online PRIVATE SHOPPING SERVICE that will cater to all your shopping needs from USA.

We are a private shopping company that caters to worldwide online shoppers that want to shop from America. You can shop from any USA online stores and have it delivered to your doorstep. By filling out our state of the art ORDER FORM, you will receive the luxury of relaxing and waiting for your packages to arrive. You can shop from many different online stores and add the items to your ORDER FORM. We will purchase them for you consolidate them into one package, and ship them for you. Very easy, reliable, online shopping concierge, is ready to accommodate with all your needs. Get ready and start shopping from your favorite stores. we are here to purchase them for you and will ship the to you.

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