How it works!

American shopping concierge ship to me

 Step 1 – You start shopping USA.

  • Start searching for your favorite USA shops such as Amazon, Apple, Ebay or go through our categories page and order your goods using our  safe secure ORDER FORM. Our order form is designed for you to be able to add your products by simply copying and pasting the URL, description, product, size, quantity, color, and price.
  • You can shop from many different stores and be able to add more products to your shopping cart. When you’re done simply CHECK OUT.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure you are buying items that are legal and safe to import to your country of residence. Please read our International Resource Center page to check the rules and restrictions for your country.
 Step 2 – You order your goods.

  • Due to the fraud purchases online, orders over $500.00, needs to be verified. Please provide TWO forms of ID to American Checkout ASAP.
  • We will receive your order, confirm your purchase and send you an invoice for your products, and handling charges.
  • Shipping charges will be calculated later, when we receive your merchandise.
  • Once paid by you, we will order your products. All products will be ordered for you in USA,on regular shipping delivery days, unless you specify an urgent delivery. If there are any additional charges due to weight, taxes, domestic shipping charges we will notify you by email.
 Step 3 – We buy them and receive your packages for you at our warehouse.

  • Upon receiving your parcel we may elect to check its contents to ensure it’s not broken or damaged and can be safely and legally shipped to your forwarding address.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you only send items that may be legally and safely imported to your country of residence. When purchased from multiple stores, we will hold your packages until we receive all of them, consolidate them, into one package. ($5.00 extra for more than one store.)We will then send you an e-mail informing you of its arrivals and start the shipping process.
 Step 4 – We ship your parcel.

  • Shipping and handling charges will be added to your invoice when we receive your packages. it is very hard to give an accurate shipping and handling charges before we receive your orders.Due to package size and wight we will find the cheapest carrier and send you an email with options to choose from.
  • We charge 10% for our buying, shipping, concierge packaging services. This includes all phone calls, credit card, Paypal charges and emails.
  • Once we ship your package you will receive an email that will state the total cost of forwarding your goods and tracking number. You will be able to track your merchandise by simply logging on to USPS or FEDEX, depending on shipping method you choose. Sit back and relax..
 Step 5 – Your parcel arrives at your doorstep.

  • You can typically expect to receive delivery of your parcel within 8-20 days for standard shipping and 4-10 days for priority shipping, from the date of dispatch from our depot. This can vary depending on local customs processes, which are outside our control. Customs duties may be payable depending upon the destination country and are your responsibility if you choose not to pay upfront. You will need to sign for your goods when they arrive.

You can also shop with your USA ADDRESS. Register and receive your own American address to shop with. All the details are listed for you.


Shop with my USA ADRESS

With your USA Address, you simply use your address for shipping purpose. You use your  credit card and address for billing. For shipping you will use your new USA address. Most American online stores ship free within USA, and they don’t ship international. Once we receive your packages we will start the forwarding process. 

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