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cusomer care


1- Does it cost to sign up?
No it does not cost to sign up. 

2- Do you charge for storage? 
We don’t store any products. When your shipments arrives on our warehouse we will immediately start the process of forwarding your packages. If you need to store please do not place an order.

3- Will you hold my items for me at your warehouse?
We will only hold your items for you when you buy from multiple stores. We will hold them until all of your item arrive, consolidate them and ship them in one box.

4- Is there a membership fee?gray circle No, we don’t have membership fee. We only charge per transaction.

5- Is there charge to buy multiple items and have them consolidate?
When ordering from more than 1 store, an additional handling fee of $5.00 will be applied for each additional store. This is only charged when using our concierge service.

6- How do I order?
You can use our purchase order form, simply click on our shopping ORDER FORM page and provide us all the products you would like to purchase and add each one in to your cart. Please fill out the form in details. You can buy from multiple stores and add them to your shopping cart. Complete our checkout system. Upon receiving your order will notify you with email on any changes or delivery times. After receiving your payment, we will purchase your products for you and repackage them and ship them to your destination.
You can also shop by receiving your USA Address. By receiving your USA Address, you will simply buy your own products and pay with your own credit card. You will use your USA Address for shipping only. Most USA online stores don’t ship international. We will receive your products and ship them to you.

All you have to do is relax and wait for your shipments.

7- When do I register?
Once you send us an ORDER FORM, or request your USA Address, you are immediately registered in our site.

8- How do I pay?

You can pay with Any Major Credit Cards
– Visa
– MasterCard
– Diners Club
– Debit Cards
– PayPal

9- Is my personal information private?
Yes! We value your trust and respect your privacy and are committed to protecting both. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information. We do not store credit card information online for your safety and security.

10- Can I have Bill to and ship to addresses?
Yes, not a problem.

11- How long will it take for my packages to come?
American checkout will do their best to get your items to your doorstep as quickly as possible. Standard Shipping arrives to your address in approximately 8-20 business days. Priority Shippingarrives to your address in approximately
4-10 business days. Shipping days are estimated and are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for delays by customs or by the store. If you need an item to be delivered urgent, please send us an email we will let you know the shipping charges and the time frame of the delivery immediately.

12- What Freight Company do you use?
We use FedEx, USPS and have their great discounted prices, safe reliable shipping. With each shipping we will provide tracking number for you to be able to track your shipments.

13- Can I have something shipped urgent?
Yes, please let us know as soon as possible. When we place your order we can request a next day shipping option from the store to be able to receive your item on our warehouse. Once received we will send it to you immediately with FedEx next day air mail.

14- Are my packages Insured?
Yes, they all will be insured.

bluecircle15- How do you charge?
We try our best to give you accurate price quote up-front so that you can make informed choices. All prices are estimated as close as possible. We can not determine the shipping charges until we actually receive your products and weigh them for shipping. Some items may be heavier than what is estimated. All quotes are provided in USD (United States Dollars). The total provided upon checkout includes your selected products and International Shipping and Handling. You have the option to pre-pay Duties and Taxes. Charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight and any Shipment may be re-weighed and re-measured by American Checkout to confirm this calculation.

Charges will be based on: Your Item + USA Tax(if applied) + USA shipping (if applied) + 10% handling + International Shipping.
Note that, most USA online stors have FREE SHIPPING within USA, and most of the States don’t charge tax.

16- Is there tax on top of the shipping and handling charges?
We don’t charge Tax for our shipping and handling services, although there will be tax and shipping charges when purchased from the USA stores. Some merchants will charge TAX, when shipping to our California depot. If California sales tax applies to your order, it will be notified by email. Any amount changes due to merchants tax collection is your responsibility to pay as a customer.

17- Can I cancel my order?
American Checkout provides a shipping service therefore cannot accept cancellations or changes after 24 hours of your order has been placed.  Due to the fact that American Checkout will order the goods upon your request from a third party and agrees to purchase the order and ship it to you upon your request.
In any other situation, American Checkout has a fee of $50.00 for any amount of chargebacks, due to the fact that our staff has to work hard on returning your merchandise to the supplier, emails, chargebacks, and phone calls. Remember: We don’t have monthly fees.

18- Damaged order what can I do?
When we receive your shipments, we open the boxes and check them to make sure we have received the right product, and we check for damages. We repackage them for international rules and regulations. For any other reason you feel that you have a damaged item, contact customer service and we will try to work with you to resolve any situation or a problem.

19- What is the return policy?
At this time we do not accept returns. We will only help you with exchanges within 3 business days of receipt of your order.  To request your exchange, please send us an email with detailed information, your order number name and telephone number. We will contact the supplier and ask for a return authorization. You will receive detailed return instructions and a Return Authorization Number when your Exchange is approved.
 You will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges due to your exchanges. We will let you know what the process will be. This policy applies to Exchanges, and Defective Merchandise.
 Merchandise must be in new condition with tags attached and must be accompanied by the original company invoice. All returns must be sent insured via registered mail, or any other delivery service that can track a package and requires a signature upon delivery. Due to the time sensitive nature, expedited/express shipping may be required
 to EXCHANGE. If you request an exchange, you will pay for all shipping fees including domestic shipping to and from the store. Our assistance in this matter $25.00! We will bill you via your original payment method for any additional charges incurred. We do not have any monthly subscription fees. We will only charge you by our services as needed.Each merchant has different exchange policies. Many stores have restricted time limits for exchanges, or may not accept exchanges at all.
Therefore, your order may not be eligible exchange. In addition, any delays by the shipping carrier, customs, or any other cause may affect your order’s eligibility for exchange. We will try our best to help you in any case. You will be responsible for all shipping fees for exchanging an item through the supplier, and return the item to the original supplier for an exchange.circleorange

20- Are there Item you will not ship?
Rarely, an item is restricted from International shipment. If this is the case you will be notified and your order will be cancelled. Please check with your countries restrictions before ordering, or check our International Resource page.

21- Will you American checkout be able to buy from auction sites like ebay?
We can only buy from ebay on Buy It Now option. American Checkout
Cannot buy products that are listed under Auction. Auctions are not guaranteed to win.

22- Why do final shipping rates differ from the shipping calculator estimates?
We cannot know the exact size and weight of your package until it has arrived at our warehouse and until after we have consolidated the boxes, we cannot provide a final shipping cost until we prepare your package for shipment and tender it to the courier. Also, please remember to consider extra costs that may accompany additional services like insurance, fragile stickers or other special handling. The shipping calculator is an excellent tool for determining your approximate shipping costs.circleorange

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